Thursday, February 12, 2009

Will your painter go the extra mile!!

We have been working on the outside of a house this week.
Yes we can maintain quality in these cooler temperatures. Most companies have paint formulated for about 38 degrees and above, but I am digressing.
When we bid this house we bid it with two coats of paint (3-4 wet mils each coat). The rear of the house did not cover properly, it simply put needed more paint. There were some areas that did not seal properly with just two coats of paint. Yesterday as I talked to the home owner about this I think they were waiting for me to explain why we needed to raise the price.
They were pleasantly suprised as I explained that this sometimes happens and we would be sure it was taken care of.

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J Keith Johnson said...

Having spent the better part of two hours talking with Corey, swapping stories, I am not surprised. Corey has an old fashioned work ethic and outlook that is sadly lacking in the world today.
I'd wager that if we could get him elected president, things would get cleaned up in a hurry. (Sorry about all those sacred cows that died.)