Friday, February 6, 2009

Is anyone else tired of the high cost of advertising?

We have tried many different methods of advertising. With mixed results our efforts have included the:

Yellow Pages

This was a horrible waste of money. We had a full page ad, at a cost of about $600.00 a month. We received no phone calls!! I say stay away!


These are coupons inserted in a mailer. My feelings about this are mixed. We did get a lot of phone calls, however, in retrospect I would do it much different. Our representative encouraged us to make our insert a coupon as it would get us more business. It did get us a lot more calls I am sure, but they were not the customers you necessarily want.

We may try again this year, but we will make sure our message of a GOOD VALUE AT A RESONABLE COST gets out!! Not save $500.00. There is a huge difference in the message, one that I did not realize.

Yard signs

We have had very good luck with these. This year for the first time we hung Christmas lights, and advertised exclusively with yard signs. Our cost for advertising was $1500.00 and it was a smashing success.

I am not sure this will work for everything, but I am hoping it will have the same results for painting. We will try to visit this topic again later when I can update you on the effectiveness.


This is an area that we are very new to. As far as I can tell it is going to be very cheap, and I believe very effective. It will just take some of my time in the morning and evening. I am not going to get into how to do this here as it is a subject all its own, however, come join :

And you will learn how to do this.

Word of mouth

It is this simple do a good job for people and they will tell their friends and neighbors. It is the greatest thing!! And very cost effective!!

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J Keith Johnson said...

You hit it! Amy and I were just talking about this yesterday. It seems that the ad people all come out with the nice weather as she has been hit up about 6-7 times in the last 4 days and everything they suggest is between $400-$600 and does not generate any response.

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