Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is anyone watching congress

For me it is not a Republican / Democrat issue. I know you can listen to Limbaugh, O"Reilly, and many others who will piont the finger in so many directions.

For me it is much simpler than that, WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO SELF RELIANCE? HELPING YOUR NEIGHBOR? I guress I just dont understand why people think the government can take care of everything. The government proves time and again that they are the most inefficient and wasteful method of doing anything!

We as AMERICANS should stand up and demand better!

How did we turn from having statesmen to having politicians?

How long will it take our kids to pay for our compliancy (the last 8 years or more included)? Really is it about us or our children?

I know this has nothing to do with painting and only has questions with no answers, but really....

visit us on the web no politics I promise!

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Greg said...

Thank you for that comment on my blog. Like you I agree the last thing we need are more politicians. I believe in strict two term limits! Get in do what's best for your constituents and get out.