Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The quality is normally below industry standards. When you compare the cost and quality to that of a reputable company that will not hire illegals you will find you are saving money with the more reputable company. Here are a few ways people will skimp on quality.




Two other things come to mind when speaking of illegal workers, NO INSURANCE ( what if there is a worksite injury?), PRODUCT FAILURES ( who will you call, will they come back?).

It is not that these are bad people, but there are reasons they are cheeper, and in the long run it will cost you money!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Check for Insurance

Just a reminder to check for insurance.

All contractors should have Workmans Comp, and a General Liability policy. If you hire a contractor with out these you are leaving yourself open to leagal action.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Why Hire Frisbee Painting INC

There are several reasons to hire a painting contractor, however there are a few more reasons to hire Frisbee Painting INC.

* Our employees truly care about your job!!

* Many times we are able to complete the job with nearly the same or less expence to you if you figure your time and new tools.

* You will get professional quality. Our painters are very detail oriented.

* All of our jobs are scrutinized for quality.

* We hire only legal workers.

* You will be able to speak to all of our employees.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Do It Yourself or hire a Contractor

* Evaluate your abilities

Have you ever done anything like what you need to have done?
What is your skill level (It will be important, as it will affect the amout of time taken)

* How much time do you have to give to the project?

When you evaluate the amout of time it will take for the project, and double or triple it.
It always takes much longer to complete a project than any of us ever think.
Do you hve the proper tools? Tall ladders, Brushes, Roller frames, Drops to cover things

All of these things will add cost to your project, and many times you can hire a contractor for less money than what you will spend when you account for these things, and get a better quality job.