Friday, February 27, 2009

Lead Paint

I have just finished reading the CDC’s “Preventing Lead Poisoning in Young Children”. It is a very dry read, but full of great information. There are two main things I have taken away from the reading.

1) Although lead exposure can be caused by many different things (lead jewelry, food, and cosmetics) the most common high-dose sources of lead exposure are lead based paints and lead contaminated house dust and soil.

2) Large numbers of children with elevated BLLs live in very close proximity to each other.
This leads me to believe that many of these children are living in housing that was built before 1978 and has been poorly maintained. Though I am not an expert in the matter I am lead to conclude that maintaining a property and routine cleaning will greatly reduce the risk to young children. However, these are only my personal conclusions.

We will have 2 painters certified in lead paint removal within two months.

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Dowell Taggart Team said...

I used to think lead based paint poisoning was a joke. After seeing a kid who had been poisoned and seeing how it had changed his life, I know that it is serious.

Frisbee Painting said...

It is very serious, and a little common sence will go a long long way.

Abner said...

Oh my God! I also took it as a part of joke but after reading your post I just feel shame on my stupidity. Now I will always keep it in mind. Thanks Buddy!
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