Thursday, February 5, 2009

Painters Background

When hiring a painter it is very important to make sure he has enough experience to make the correct recommendations for your needs.

For example many painters have only painted residential houses so their product knowlege is very limited.

Many houses have galvanized flashing, it should be primed with a product called galvite to ensure the paint will last.

Ask your painter what galvite is, most wont know!

It is important that your painter have extensive knowlege of residential, commercial, and industrial painting. The crossover knowlege will ensure you get a quality job!!


Toni said...

Hey thanks for the visit - this Blog of Note thing is kinda much. AND YOU ARE A MAN IN CONSTRUCTION -- ba donk, I'm a woman in construction, have worked in the field my entire professional life ... presently I do payroll and every other administrative kinda thing for a subcontractor doing highway repair (guardrail, suicide fence, highway signs, blah blah) ... painting seems like MUCH more fun.

Toni said...

I forgot -- yes, please refer/defer me to your girlfriend, and I'll give you a nice link to a more testosterone-suited blog (my best friend's hubby) ... you know, things like gigantic snakes and fishing and close encounters with Moose and how NOT to tear down your shower doors ... also some GREAT music!