Friday, February 13, 2009

Knowledge does your painter have it??

Many people will buy a paint brush and a cheap sprayer and call themselves a painter. Painting is not hard, but it does take much more than that.

Today I have spent the better part of the day in meetings. One of which was with a paint representative for PPG. They handle Pittsburgh, Porter, and Iowa paints. We are often approached by paint companies wanting us to use their products.

It is important to understand almost all paint companies have high quality and low quality paints.

Before I will even bring a paint on to my job I want to know about the company, know the specifications of the paint, and see the comparison to other quality paints.

I could bore you with the specific details, but really what most people need is to know that the person handling their painting knows and understands this information.

When you hire Frisbee Painting INC we will provide you with this information, give you an overview of it and more if you wish.

It is all about quality!!!

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