Thursday, March 5, 2009


Now for the down side.

Small business in the construction industry, Frisbee Painting is very concerned with safety. Frisbee Painting certainly wants all of our employees to return home each night safe and with a profit for the day.

The things I learned in the 10 hour OSHA course yesterday.

1) OSHA on average issues 2.7 citations per visit.

2) OSHA has a new goal to issue 5 citations per visit.

3) OSHA has no part of the agency designed to help businesses achieve compliance.

4) Anything discussed yesterday concerning safety was just good common sense.

5) Many safety issues on a construction site are, as you can imagine, subjective.

6) OSHA will easily be able to achieve 5 citations per visit.

Does this strike anyone else as the wrong method?


Dowell Taggart Team said...

It seems very wrong to me.

J Keith Johnson said...

Pardon my cynical outlook...
It's about raising revenue, not about safety. Have you seen the number of traffic stops lately? We have to pay for the stimulus, you know.

Olathe Social Suppers said...

Looks to me like the 5 citations per visit is designed to, at worst, increase revenues for OSHA or, at best, justify their existence.